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    SOTX Team Europe 2012

    KM on 24/09/11

    In 2009, Badminton Europe revamped its Olympic programme. The objective of the programme is to help top singles talent to achieve their goal of qualifying for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Two training groups of different levels were established

    Olympic Team 2012

    SOTX Team Europe 2012 – the objective for this group was to increase the number of European Countries qualifying for future Olympic Games.

    Our very own Sarah Thomas has been invited, by Badminton Europe, to be part of the SOTX Team Europe 2012. Sarah will be involved in this exciting team who meets for 3 day camps throughout the year. Sarah will meet her fellow SOTX members in the first 3 day camp which will be held in Hungary during October. I caught up with her ahead of her 1st International Tournament.

    The criteria has been met and now you have been invited into this very exclusive group, how are you feeling about it all?

    I am very pleased to be invited into the group, I was not expecting it so it came as a nice surprise when I received the email from Eddie that I had be invited

    What tournaments do you have coming up and when will you first meet all your fellow SOTX members?

    I have the Czech international at the end of September followed by the Cyprus International at the end of October. The week after this is the Hungry Open and this is where I will meet and train with the fellow members in the camp that will follow the tournament.

    How is your training going and how will you benefit from being involved in the SOTX camps?

    My training is going well, I have had a hard summers training at home at the HPC sessions but I am currently in Denmark training at my club where I am getting good coaching and sparring. The SOTX camps will be a really good benefit to me because I will get to spar with some of the top younger players in Europe who will mainly all be a higher level than I am.

    What needs to be done to make sure you stay in the programme?

    To stay on the programme I need to make sure I train well with good attitude and keep my ranking in the top 200

    The first camp is in Hungary, what are you most looking forward too?

    I am looking forward to meeting the other players and to see what the training will be like.

    Well done to Sarah and good luck for this season.