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    South Wales Forum established

    EON 22/7/11

    A big success of the Norman Greenhouse era was the setting up of a North Wales Badminton forum where representatives of county associations,and clubs could regularly meet together to discuss not only regional but national badminton issues. The forum has been going for quite some time and has proved to be an invaluable idea not only for the north but for Badminton Wales as a whole

    A pledge was given at the AGM to try to replicate this in the south in order to similarly encourage contact and dialogue amongst the south/mid Wales badminton community

    The idea was greeted with enthusiasm in the south with the result that earlier this week the first meeting was held in Swansea.

    Eddie O Neill commented

    " the North Wales forum has demonstrated over a period of years how important regional communication is and also how powerful a vehice it has also been for dialogue with ourselves as an NGB, I have attended the NWF on sevaral occassions and have always considered such visits to have been both fruitful and enjoyable, Im delighted to see the start of the SWF and the determination that the initial members have expressed to develop it in the long term. In Wales its crucial that communication pathways are robust and that all of our partners feel that they know what is going on and can talk to Badminton Wales in a variety of ways "