Talent Group

Badminton Wales / Sport Wales supports a talent group of players, providing part, but significant funding to assist with UK and European tournament programmes.
These players have set, agreed season targets and are normally U15 at the time of selection.

Selection Criteria

The criteria for selection are:
At the time of selection must be BE Grade 1 players
Must be capable of high placing in age group BE Gold events (i.e. semi finals +)
Must demonstrate an acceptable player profile as follows:
Should have athletic build, and possess good speed and power
Must demonstrate consistently high fitness levels
Technical and Tactical
Should demonstrate a good level of all round racket skills
Has the ability to read the game well
Can implement / change tactics effectively
Shows excellent focus in training.
Displays mental toughness in competitive situations
Is able to come back after a setback

Displays a high level of commitment to HPC training sessions
Is proactive regarding own training and has a positive attitude to competition
Takes responsibility for and leads a healthy lifestyle
Has the capacity to train in correct environment with the volume, intensity and quality required for a high level performer  
These criteria do not cover all of the qualities required to be a top performer but in essence, reflect those set out in the GB "Talented Individuals" programme.
Talent Group (season 2014/15
Oliver Gwillt
Daniel Font
Jordan Hart

Matthew Pritchard

Tsung Fong Mo