We're on our way!

So it’s been about 5 weeks now since I was told I had been selected to represent Team Wales at the Commonwealth Games... And what a tough 5 weeks it has been! I have been down in Cardiff training full time at Sport Wales National Centre since I got the call up for Wales. We have been up early most mornings for high intensity team runs before getting onto court and training.

We recently had two Polish players come over to train, and spar with us for a week. This helped a lot as it gave us great match play, and also provided us with a different style of game to what we usually play when we are training against our fellow team players, Nic and Joe.

This last week, we changed our training focus from tough physical to purely technique, and have really been concentrating on our control, as well as tweaking up all other aspects of our game. We have also been focusing a lot on fast 'multi-shuttle' sparring around the mid and front court, so we are as sharp around the net as possible.

With less than a week until we head off for Glasgow we have had a great week sparring with team mates Nic Strange and Joe Morgan. This type of high intensity match practice will be extremely important in this last week, as it will put us in the right mindset to begin our Commonwealth debut. The ladies squad have two top Bulgarian players to train with during this time. This will also be a perfect opportunity to have some good training in mixed doubles with my partner Sarah too.

With only a week to go now its feeling more and more real. I was asked to go to my local Primary School last Friday, where I awarded medals and prizes to the winners at their sports day. It was my old primary school so it feels amazing to be asked to do this kind of thing: I really felt the support from my local community. It just shows that all the hard work is finally paying off and people are really respecting me for it.

The nerves are beginning to kick in now, knowing that the Games are only a week away! I can't stop thinking and worrying about how I will play, as I don't want to play poorly and let everyone down. All I can do though is give my very best, and hope to do Team Wales proud. It's such an honour to represent team Wales at the Commonwealth Games and it is something I will always cherish... I just can't wait to begin now!!