We're on our way!

With the Games quickly closing in on us the training has now taken a different focus. The main area which we are looking to try and get sharp now is our match practice. This has meant no more 6km runs before training but an alternative speed and agility training. Alongside this most of the training is now being done on court trying to get our game as sharp as possible.  

One of the best parts of training this few weeks has been having some Polish sparing players to train with for a whole week. This has meant that we had 6 boys on court at one time which has intensified the training a lot more. Having the new players around gave everyone a boost as it adds more variety to the training. We were then able to do a lot more different routines which only strengthens our ability on court. Hopefully this will show as we get ever closer to the Games. 

Alongside the court time what we do off court now also plays a significant role in keeping our bodies in tip top shape. A lot of time is still being spent in the gym but with only one more week to go the weight training has been dropped down in the gym to make sure we keep our bodies as fresh as possible without losing strength. At the end of the weights session time will be spent on foam roller and stretching to keep as supple as possible so no muscles are strained. This is the last thing we want to happen at this stage. 

Another important aspect which keeps us as healthy as possible is the physio support which we have received from both Badminton Wales and Agile Therapy. Physio has had a big impact since I have been playing full time. From when I had a herniated disc in my back I cannot believe I am in this position now ready to play in the Commonwealth Games for my country, Wales. The support I have received from Badminton Wales has allowed me to reach the peak of my career so far and for that I am truly grateful. 

With now only a week to go I have some nerves about what to expect competing on such a big stage. Everyone else in the team has a lot more experience than me competing in multi-sport events so has some idea of what to expect but for me this is all new. Although I feel some nerves I am sure when we get there and the excitement takes over that will soon be forgotten about and I will be able to perform to the best of my ability. 

This week will see us having a lot more game like practice to tweak the last things we need to before we leave on the weekend so now is the time to get the most out of every session on court and not waste any time. After all it will soon be the real GAME TIME!