Disability News


A recent meeting of the first steering group reviewed where we are at present and took a look at possible developments.

Currently we have information loaded onto the Badminton Wales website which now has a Disability tab/link. A news link has also been added to allow current info to be included. An e-mail group is continually being developed and is ongoing. Names and contacts of all Welsh players from the 4 Nations will be added to the list. One news article has been circulated and this will be number 2.

We have now found a number of interested coaches / players etc on the e-mail group.

We can now look at the possibility of piloting a project covering the 3 councils of Wrexham, Denbighshire and Flintshire and utilising the DSW officers and the NEWBA. 

There is also a possibility of expanding the current Cardiff club. Currently the club has a number of helpers (5 helpers / 2 coaches), but would require additional ‘Coaches’ to be able to expand further and cater for different disabilities. The club plays at Sport Wales WIS (to most of us ‘older’ people) on Thursdays from 4.30pm to 6pm, using 2 courts, further courts would be available if required.

It was really great to see a new Welsh player at the 4 Nations in the Standing Upper 5 category (SU4). Having watched Jack Wilson compete, it would be great to get him involved with the club and to expand his coaching opportunities, as he has real potential and is a great find to start.

Discussion has also taken place with regard to adding disability content to the project in Caerphilly. It may be possible to place a session on Saturday morning along with their able bodied group. It was agreed that more coaches would be required for all projects and that more publicity is required. A plan to release articles was suggested.

i)  Item on Badminton Wales web and circulated to all county associations / coaches 

ii) Development ideas circulated to DSW officer in regions outlined above with article for circulation. Present at October DSW conference

iii) Do a specific release for physically disabled players across all agencies

Regarding delivering coach education it was felt that the 1 Day workshops could be delivered in the New Year in both North and South Wales. Liaison with Badminton Wales will hopefully allow things to move forward on this and we can promote to all coaches and volunteers and attract more people to the ranks.

Finally, as briefly stated above, Badminton has an opportunity to deliver a short presentation to all the 22 Disability Sport Wales Officers at a conference in October in North Wales. Leanne Brown and Lyndon Williams will hopefully be able to raise the awareness of the project and to see where there may be other pockets of activity across Wales.

So, please keep spreading the word. Some progress has been made and there is some positive intent to do more.