Monthly Tip - March 2013

The Influence of Parents in Youth Sport

We’ve all seen that one parent on the sideline, shouting out inappropriate comments at the top of their voice that are not only directed at their own child, but often at their teammates, teachers or coaches and the referee. How much does this behaviour influence the sporting experience of their child? How much should the parent be involved?

It goes without saying that parents have an important role in the sporting development of their child. However, caution needs to be taken in their approach as parental behaviours can have both positive and negative effects on their child’s sporting experience.

Have a look at this article which talks about some of the studies that have been undertaken in this area and summarises the Do's and Don't's regarding parental involvement in sport.

To summarise, the importance of the role parents play in youth sport is unquestionable, but caution must be taken to ensure that the enjoyment and sporting development of children is not hindered.