Monthly Tip - February 2014

Grip lengths

In January we looked at grips, this month we look at them again, especially the thorny topic (not sure why) of young players who seem unable to alter grip lengths.

So I think the best thing to do is to look at some pictures.

In the heading picture above and picture 1 below we can see that Victor Axelson is way down the handle playing in the forecourt but will probably lengthen in the rear court.

Women are weaker though – right !!!

Ok look at Chloe Magee the top Irish player in picture 2.

Definitely not a 100% long grip.

Grips 1 - Feb 2014

But some ladies do use a  long grip as we can see in picture 3 but then look at picture 4.

Grips 2 - Feb2014

So figure it out for yourself and teach young players (especially girls) how to practise grip variation in all areas of the court.