Monthly Tip - February 2013

Forehand Net Shots

The more I watch junior players (and some seniors) play forehand net shots, the more I sense they don’t really understand the basics. In this Youtube clip Peter Gade demonstrates really well what needs to be done in this area. The more observant will notice that he is speaking in Danish, however this is a good thing as it should encourage all to figure out what he is saying and what should and should not be done.

The left to right racket movement (for right handed players) is the key for established players to get slice and spin. To start the process for young players the movement can initially just be a gentle push from low to high in a straight line with the progression later to what Peter is showing, or you can teach this from the beginning. If your players take to this quickly then don’t hold them back. It's my experience that players are normally weaker on one side than the other.

See how simple the technique is and how small the racket movements are and learn from this video.

Next time – backhand net !!!