Monthly Tip - April 2014

Backhand Drop (Pulled)

Many (most) young players can’t play a backhand clear.

There are reasons for this including lack of strength and often poor coaching.

This isn’t necessarily a disaster in the early days as long as the player has a competent drop shot, if they have this, then the clear will develop naturally. They do however need a drop shot as it isn’t reasonable to take every shot played to the backhand rear court round the head, and yet we often see young players try to do this and then cobble together a backhand.

So, young players need to be taught a backhand drop shot, straight and cross court, the latter being the easiest.

But caution here as backhand drops are not what they used to be!!!!

In years gone by the need was for the drop to land close to the net, now the need is for the drop to be landing away from the net so that the opponent can’t play a tight net shot. These “pulled“ drops should be what young players are taught very early along with the reasons for using them and the various movement patterns. The drop which lands close to the net for young players will have a high error rate especially on the backhand and can be introduced later. 

This BWF coaching clip goes through the stroke nicely