Monthly Tip - April 2013

Backhand Net Shot

It is important to teach young players how to play when the shuttle is close to the net and also when the shuttle is between the net and the short service line.

Between the net and the short service line

The BWF video view shows this as a gentle upwards push with the racket head below the hand. The racket travel is from low to high with a follow through just enough to ensure that the shuttle passes over the net. Juniors have all sorts of problems with this and usually try to put sideways spin on the shuttle or move the racket head from one side to the other in an exaggerated way.

This needs to be corrected or the player will lose confidence in this critical area.

Close to the net

This becomes more complex in that there is now a chance to put some spin on the shuttle, now it's correct for the racket head to be angled prior to hitting the shuttle For the right handed player this will normally be with the left side of the racket head slightly downwards just before hitting and flat or slightly upwards after hitting.

Have a look at Peter Gade's grip above to see how much this shot is hit with the racket in a finger grip.

Otherwise the coaching prompts given in the video link are great!!!!!