UKCC Level 1 Award in Coaching Badminton

“Assist more qualified coaches delivering aspects of coaching sessions, normally under direct supervision.”

The 1st4sport UKCC Level 1 Award in Coaching Badminton (L1ACBADQ) is the first step on the new  Badminton Wales Coaching Pathway. The qualification focuses on both the art and the science of coaching, introducing new coaches to the “How to” skills of coaching as well as helping them to break down and coach the technical and tactical elements of the game. It will qualify the assistant coach to work alongside a more qualified coach, working with players in their early stages of development.

Who is it designed for?

The 1st4sport UKCC Level 1 Award in Coaching Badminton is suitable for those who are new to coaching, but who have some knowledge of the game and would like to learn how to apply that in a coaching environment. Assistant coaches should be committed to their own development and should be looking to gain experience whilst working with a coach who is already qualified at Level 2 or higher.

What does the Level 1 Award qualify me to do?

The course will qualify the successful candidate to assist a higher qualified coach working with:

  • Junior beginner / junior club players
  • Senior beginner / social / club players in the lower levels of local leagues.


Please note: Badminton Wales recommends that all coaches should join the Coaches Register once qualified and starting to coach, as this will provide you with necessary insurance along with many other member benefits that will help you to keep yourself up to date.

What are the requirements to go on the course?

Candidates are required to:

  • be at least 16 years of age on the first day of the course
  • have some experience of playing the game and can participate in a short rally, or;
  • can demonstrate knowledge and understanding of what is required when playing the game and the technicalities required when participating in a short rally


How is the qualification delivered?

The 1st4sport UKCC Level 1 Award in Coaching Badminton will be delivered by an accredited Badminton Wales tutor. It will be split into the following phases:

  • Phase 1: induction and pre-course activities
  • Phase 2: taught programme and on-going internal assessment (1 day)
  • Phase 3: mid-course study and on-going internal assessment
  • Phase 4: taught programme and on-going internal assessment (1 day)
  • Phase 5: post taught programme self directed learning
  • Phase 6: independent assessment (1 day)


Throughout the taught programme the theoretical “How to coach” skills are threaded through the technical and tactical “What to coach” skills, both on court and in group activities. As a result you will have many opportunities to practice and receive feedback on the coaching skills that you have learnt. You will be assessed throughout the course by your course tutor who will give you plenty of opportunities to demonstrate competence in key areas. There will also be some written work throughout the course and an independent assessment at the end.

Qualification Content:

Briefly, the qualification will cover the following key areas:

  • Roles and responsibilities of the Level 1 Coach – including Health and Safety, Child Protection, Equity and Code of Conduct.
  • Technical elements of the basic strokes including how to break them down and deliver them appropriately to a variety of target audiences.
  • Introduction to tactics, including spatial awareness and basic doubles formations.
  • Delivering an effective warm up and cool down
  • “How to Coach” Skills – including coaching styles, learning styles, communication skills, questioning, demonstration, observation and feedback skills, structuring an activity, goal setting


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