We're on our way!

There’s not long to go before we travel up to Glasgow, so the nerves and excitement are slowly but definitely starting to build. Training has been really intense these last few weeks but with a feel good factor as we all know all this training will benefit us at the Commonwealth Games.

We had a week were two Polish players flew over to give us some sparring.All that week we had high quality game sessions. I was ill for most of that week with food poisoning which was disappointing, as I didn’t feel I got the most out of the week. I still trained as hard as I could to get as much benefit from the Polish players as possible.

These last final two weeks training has switched from intense fitness training to more on court training, with high intensity, speed work and technical sessions. This is so we are still fresh and not fatigued when get to compete at the Commonwealth Games. 

We travel to Glasgow on Saturday 19th with an estimated 8 hour trip but I’m sure that will fly by. As I’m training in Cardiff the week before I’ve already packed and brought 3 bags of kit, clothes and equipment with me.

The draw is out next Monday so we hope everyone keeps their fingers crossed for a good draw ! It’s just been announced that there’s 23 teams in the team event with 5 groups of 4 and one of 3. Only the winners and the best two runner ups will progress to the knock outs, making quite tough. We will have to perform at our best in every match.

I’m excited to be part of the opening ceremony next week; the atmosphere is going to be immense. Then I just can't wait to get on court and represent Wales as best as I can on the biggest stage there is for your country.

Bring it on!