Gearing Up for Glasgow....

The wait for selection seemed to last a lifetime but eventually we were told last week. I received an email confirming that we’d all been selected. I’m very glad that the 6 of us are going as we’ve all worked very hard not just over the last year but for many years before then.

I’m also glad to hear that we will compete in the team event as well as the individuals, as we are quite strong and very supportive as a team. I’m especially pleased that my doubles partner has been selected, as at the start of this season he snapped his arm while we were in China. So ending a tough year with the news that we were playing together in the Commonwealth games is amazing. 

After hearing the great news about qualifying for the Commonwealth games, I have been overwhelmed with the support from friends, family, coaches and Badminton Wales. It feels like a lot of hard work and dedication has paid off by getting selected. It will be a great chance for family and friends to come and watch me play in the biggest event you can compete in for Wales and I think they are all coming.  Of course I am a little nervous but more excited about playing.

Although training has now become more intense than ever, there is a really good team atmosphere between all the players. The team spirit makes training actually quite enjoyable and not tedious. 

I am staying down in Cardiff for the majority of the time before the Commonwealths to train with the squad and to practise with my doubles partner. Badminton Wales are bringing in some Polish players for us to spar against; this will help us improve further, ready for the games.

I know if I put the hard work in, and I plan plenty of it, it will pay off  when I get to Glasgow.  I’ve got my ‘Wales’ kit now and I just can’t wait to wear it when we walk out at the opening ceremony. It will be amazing.  There’s a Team Wales day in Cardiff shortly and I’m looking forward to meeting the competitors from the other sports there. My parents are able to come to the event and it will be a nice way to include them as a return for their support over the many years I’ve competed.