"Love the game, understand it, teach it, inspire; then they will remember you with a smile!"

The Coaching Pathway

School leaders are encouraged to attend the Sport Leader UK endorsed Leadership Award in Badminton to develop an understanding of the game and be able to deliver fun sessions.

The coaching ladder in badminton starts with UKCC Level 1. Coaches who are competent at this level are invited to join Badminton Wales’ Coaches Register where they will receive numerous benefits and insurance to coach as an assistant to a Level 2 coach.

Active coaches will be encouraged to progress to UKCC Level 2. This is the lowest coaching qualification that will give coaches the skills, knowledge and insurance to coach independently (provided the coach is part of the Badminton Wales Coaches Register).

Further Development Opportunities

Alongside the UKCC coaching courses, Badminton Wales will provide UKCC Level 1 and 2 coaches with further development and training opportunities. These include Coaching Conferences and a number of CPD Workshops designed to help coaches develop and improve their coaching skills.

Coach Development Model

Junior Coaching (5-11 year)

Youth Coaching (12-17 years)

Performance Development Coaching

High Performance Coaching

UKCC Level 1

Assistant Junior Club Coach

Assistant Junior County Coach

Assistant Development Centre or BW/LA Centre Coach

Assistant High Performance Centre Coach

UKCC Level 2

Junior Club Coach / 5x60 Club Coach

Junior County Coach

Development Centre Coach or BW/LA Centre Coach

Assistant High Performance Coach

UKCC Level 3

Junior Club Coach and Mentor

County Squad Coach

National Age Group Coach

High Performance Coach