We're on our way!

It’s been 7 weeks since selection was announced for the Commonwealth Games and training has been upped since hearing we were going to be competing. The last 7 weeks training has been split up in to physical prep and on-court prep. We had started running before our 

on-court sessions 3 times a week and doing footwork drills on the other 2 mornings to really increase our fitness levels a couple of weeks before selection was announced and when we had a Polish Men’s Doubles pair come to spar with us at the end of June it was a nice break to be doing more on court. We then went back to the running during sessions for a few weeks before turning our focus to on court sharpness again. This week we’ve had Bulgarian sisters Stefani and Gabriela Stoeva over sparring with us which has been the perfect preparation the week before departing for Glasgow.

The one thing we struggle with in Wales is sparring and variety of players so it’s been great to have another Women’s Doubles pair to train with this week. Playing against the boys is great for our speed and defense but the Men’s and Women’s game is so different so it’s been great to get specific match practice in right before the Games. Their defense is so solid that we really have to construct the rallies well and take our time to win a point.  

Another bonus about the sisters is that they both play 2 events so while Sarah has been able to get mixed practice in against Gabriela I have been able to train singles with Stefani.  I had an extra on court session Monday night where we did a few singles drills and then matches. Stefani is a very good player so it's forced me to up my game. This week has been the perfect preparation for the games and I'm really looking forward to getting on court in Glasgow!