Gearing Up for Glasgow...

Monday June 2nd was a very nervy day for the badminton hopefuls and we were all so relieved to hear that evening that we had been selected to compete as part of Team Wales in Glasgow. The first person I rang was my Mum who has been there for me through it all and of course was texting Sarah, my doubles partner, straightaway! Our texts consisted mainly of different smiley faces but we were both so thrilled to know we were going to be competing in Glasgow. 

The decision being made concrete lifted a huge weight off everyone’s shoulders. The weeks in between Badminton Wales submitting the nominations and the decision being announced were quite tough. We were all speculating over different scenarios and some days would feel motivated while other days utterly frustrated. At least now we know we can focus fully on our training and preparations for the Games. As part of the preparations we are trying to get some foreign players over to spar with us. This will be a great benefit to us all, we’re a small group and when you play against the same people day in day out you get used to their style and it can become tedious. With the sparring players coming over it will help us adapt to a different style and ‘sharpen’ us up for the competition. 

We will be competing in both the Team and Individual Events which I’m really happy about. I love representing Wales in Team events as it’s a completely different atmosphere where everyone comes together and the support is brilliant. It also gives you more chance to showcase your talent with more guaranteed matches. I will be playing Ladies Singles and Ladies Doubles during both Team and Individual competition. 

I’m quietly confident in both events that I have a fair chance of doing well however the focus this season has been on the Doubles with Sarah. We have won both Icelandic and Portuguese Internationals and got to the Semi Finals in the Estonian and Polish Internationals since January and are hoping to carry that form through to potentially get ourselves on the podium.

Doing interviews, having the kit delivered and attending the Team Wales send off has made it all sink in now and we are all training extremely hard. The on court training intensity has increased while adding in running to those sessions and my Strength and Conditioning has become harder too. I’m constantly tired at the moment and aching all over but I know it’s only going to benefit me and that the added fitness and strength will be of huge help not only for Glasgow but for next season too. Hard work pays off and I can’t wait to get to Glasgow and get stuck in!