Junior Shuttle Circuit


The Badminton Wales Junior Shuttle Circuit is aimed at Junior Players at Beginner to Intermediate level looking to seek some regular competition and to pit their skills against other beginner badminton players.

As the BW Junior Shuttle Circuit is aimed at those beginner to intermediate players every year players will be upgraded to the next higher age group or the BW Junior Open Series. The upgrading list (version 4) for the season 2014/15 can be viewed here.

There is a total of 11 tournaments run throughout Wales starting in September and finishing in March. For further information on individual tournaments and entry forms please visit the drop down menu and select Junior - BW Junior Shuttle Series on the filter.

Regulations and Tournament Information 2014/15

Circuit Regulations

(There has been a small change to the origional set of conditions - highlighted in yellow).

Just a reminder that High Performance Development Group (HPDG) players need to be aware of the following:-

  1. Under 11 and Under 13 HPDG can enter BW Shuttle events however they must play up an age group.
  2. If any HPDG players win any event then they will not be entitled to compete in any further BW Shuttle events.
  3. Under 15 and Under 17 HPDG players cannot compete in BW Shuttle events.

Results and Rankings for season 2014/15 

South Wales




South Powys




Rankings  (updated after Bridgend)

North Wales





Rankings (updated after Deeside)

Circuit Finals


Previous Results

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Season 2010-11

If you have any comments or feedback on the BW Junior Shuttle Circuit please contact Lucie Gwilt at