Wrexham’s Give & Gain Commonwealth Games Event 2014

Posted by Laura Cairns at 01:05 on 29 May 2014

 Development - Wrexham
On Friday 16th May 2014, Wrexham’s Sports Development, in partnership with Business in the Community, organised and hosted a 'Give & Gain Commonwealth Games Event 2014.' All Wrexham Primary Schools were invited, with 300 pupils attending. 

Pupils participated in 12 Commonwealth Sports: Athletics, Boxing, Badminton, Boccia, Rugby League, Netball, Hockey, Judo, Multi Skills, Gymnastics, Squash and Table Tennis. As part of the Badminton activity, there were 2 Bisi Badminton stations; Throwminton and keepy uppys, were delivered by volunteers and Wrexham's Badminton Development Officer, Leanne Brown. These were very popular with the pupils and were thoroughly enjoyed. 

Bethan Hughes, AYP Manager said, 

“The Give and Gain day organised by WCBC Sports Development Team was a fantastic day, with approximately 300 children from the Wrexham area primary schools involved taking part in a 
number of different Commonwealth Games sports, supported by over 60 Business in the Community volunteers. Badminton Wales were there to support the event. The children had the opportunity to have a taster of BISI badminton games ranging from ‘Throwminton’ and ‘Keepy Uppys’ helping them with their hand eye coordination. The event was a huge success and could not have run as effectively as it did without the support of the Coaches, volunteers and local NGB officers.”