Developing primary school badminton in Swansea

Posted by Angela Stevens at 04:02 on 10 February 2015

Developing Primary School Badminton in Swansea 

Students from Gower College Swansea are the newest development recruits, working towards developing badminton in primary schools in the Swansea area.  

As part of their course, the students received training in Multi Skills and BISI. Working with the Swansea Sports Development Team, they will be deployed into the local primary schools to deliver BISI sessions. These students will introduce pupils to badminton with the aim of inspiring them to join a club. The students will use the skills taught to them during their training and will incorporate these skills in to games such as 'Blow the shuttle', 'Around the world' and 'King/Queen of the court'.  

The partnership between Badminton Wales, Swansea Sports Development Team and Gower College Swansea has helped grow the development workforce and in return, students have been given a greater understanding of valuable skills such as leadership and team working skills. The students will be mentored by our South Wales BDO and also the 5 x 60 officers from Swansea, ensuring the pupils receive a fun and enjoyable badminton experience.

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