Celtic Challenge 2015

Posted by Laura Morgan at 09:02 on 17 February 2015

 Celtic Challenge 2015

The U13 Celtic Challenge team had two unbeatable foes over the weekend; one was illness and the other, Leinster. Illness rendered many of the players less than fit to play and in particular Caitlin Rees was almost unable to play on day 1. Nevertheless the team from Leinster showed itself to be far too strong for the other teams and were never challenged; even a fully fit Wales team would have found it difficult to overcome them. The other three teams were well matched with all of them beating or losing to each other by very close margins. The 2 day event was organised very well by David Bayliss and John Walsh.

You can see the full set of results by clicking here

Special thanks also to our Managers and Coaches:

Annette O Neill
Lindsay Richards
Ian Portway
Gary Clarke
Shu Nin Mo

Sadly this event was the last one for a retiring Ian Portway.

Ian has dedicated himself over the years to the U13 group in particular and deserves thanks from many parents and players who have benefited from his infectious enthusiasm. Ian will continue to be involved with the South East development squad so, happily, is not totally lost to Badminton Wales.