Badminton thriving in NEWBA

Posted by Laura Morgan at 01:09 on 25 September 2014

 NEWBA Junior Academy Trials

Head Coach Luke Tanner reports:

This weekend saw the NEWBA Junior Academy Trials take place at Coleg Cambria (Deeside).

There was a great turnout with nearly 30 children coming to have a go and the effort and quality the players showed was exceptional throughout.

The players were evaluated using a number of testing stations, which looked at the following attributes:







Racket Skills

Unfortunately there had to be a limit on the numbers we could accept into our squads, but we could have filled those places a couple of times over. The interest we are building from our players gives us great scope to increase the number of coaching sessions we hold during the season, further increasing the quantity and quality of young players in our County.

We would like to congratulate all the players that were successful this year and to the players who weren’t successful on this occasion, we would like to say a big thank you for trying out and if they keep up the hard work that they showed on the day, then there’s no doubt that they will have a very good chance of gaining success as players.

We would like to thank the coaches/parents who got involved on the day, helping us out with the testing and we would also like to thank the parents for their support and watched on as their children were put through their paces.

We would also like to thank all the clubs who sent their players down and for all their support prior to and on the night of the trials, without your help the trials and our squads wouldn’t be anywhere near as successful as they are now.

Eddie O Neill commented,

“Luke is doing such a great job in NEWBA, working hard to grow the sport at all levels. I'm really pleased that he was able to use our new talent tool as the basis for his trials. We are all certain that badminton will flourish in North Wales."