Ainsley is BW's Young Ambassador

Posted by Laura Cairns at 11:04 on 5 April 2013

2012 Sport Wales Awards

Ainsley Richards has been appointed as Badminton Wales official Young Ambassador with immediate effect. Ainsley is a platinum YA and has chosen Badminton as her lead sport. Badminton Wales is delighted to welcome Ainsley into its team and looks forward to introducing and attracting more young people into what is a great and highly popular sport.

Badminton Wales CEO Eddie O’Neill commented,

“I was thrilled when Ainsley contacted me and asked if she could be our official young ambassador. What pleased me in particular was that, as a high profile YA, Ainsley was clearly excited by Badminton Wales, its vision for the sport, and the fact that Badminton has shown itself to be very popular with a high number of gold ambassadors. She already has plans to form a Badminton Wales YA group which I know, with Ainsley’s leadership, will add great value to what is already a highly professional and motivated team within Badminton Wales “

Ainsley added,  

“I am delighted to be appointed by Badminton Wales as a Young Platinum Ambassador for badminton. My role as a Sport Wales young ambassador is to get as many young people hooked on sport as possible. It never ceases to amaze me how many children and young people enjoy playing badminton. I am a qualified UKCC badminton coach and coach children of all ages, working closely with the local Badminton Wales Development Officer.
At the present time, badminton is the most popular sport that I am involved in promoting with the highest number of children participating.
I am chair of the steering group for the Young Ambassador movement in Wales ,a member of the UK Youth sport trust steering group and was recently selected to become one of the 'Future  UK sport leaders', which is one  of the legacies of the London Olympics (having volunteered at the Olympic Badminton venue last Summer).
As national young coach of the year, it's great to be involved in this role and I look forward to continuing promoting badminton, supporting our gold ambassadors and working with Mr. Eddie O’Neill Chief Executive of Badminton Wales to ensure that badminton is as accessible as possible to all children. I believe that to be 'hooked’ on sport is a lifestyle choice. To be effective it must be a choice which will remain with an individual throughout their life. Badminton is a sport which is sustainable, it can be enjoyed at all ages and at all levels. My hope is that I can encourage as many people as possible to enjoy badminton as much as I do.”