Starting Out

Badminton Leaders Award (BLA)

The Badminton Leaders Award (BLA) is aimed at young people from 13-19 years. The award is presented as a 6 hour course which includes the completion of a practical assessment and candidate workbook. The focus of the workshop is to present basic badminton games and coaching concepts and the early stages of leadership in a fun yet informative way and will give young people the skills needed to lead badminton activities.

Successful candidates will be presented a certificate in Badminton Leadership endorsed by Badminton Wales and Sports Leaders UK.

It is recommended that this course be delivered alongside or following the Sports Leaders UK Level 1 Award as a ‘bolt on’ module.

Cost per course £175 for up to 20 candidates provided facilities are free.

Coaching Badminton Workshop (previously Level 0)  

If you are new to the sport, this 6 hour workshop will introduce you to badminton practices and basic technical principles of the different strokes and movement. Designed as a pre-course to the UKCC Level 1 Assistant coach, it will give the candidates an overview of the laws, scoring, warm-ups, basic strokes, movement and simple routines.

Ideal for parents, teachers, leisure centre coaches and volunteers.

Cost per head for the Coaching Badminton Workshop £25 or £225 for 12 candidates.

Coaching Disability Badminton Workshop

Badminton Wales has developed a two day workshop aimed at UKCC Level 1 and Level 2 coaches which focusses on coaching badminton to athletes with disabilities. The course covers aspects of most disabilities and provides the candidate with experience of coaching a number of different disabilities.

The cost of the workshop is £120 / candidate.

If you would like to participate in any of the above please contact your local Badminton Development Coordinator  or Badminton Wales office on 0845 045 4301.