Player Profile

 News ImageVikki Jones







1 Name & DOB & where do you live?


Vikki Jones – 21/02/87 – Pontypridd  


2  Discipline- partner?


Singles, Doubles – Nicole Walkley


3  How did you get started in Badminton?


My Brother was asked by his teacher to go to a club in Beddauwhere Kelly Morgan played. I joined in at the end of the sessions and was later asked to join.


4  Interesting fact about yourself that not many people would know?

In final year of sports science degree


5  2-3 of your best achievements to date ?

Welsh Senior National Doubles Champion

World Mixed Team Championships

14 Senior International Caps


6  Goals for this season?


Carry on playing and training hard whilst being in my last year of university

Help my club in Barcelona win the division

Help Mid-Glamorgan get promoted


7  Sporting heroes?


Camilla Martin

8  Coaches you have worked with, (HPC you attend)?


Don Griffiths, Kelly Morgan, Eddie O’Neill, Richard Vaughan

National HPC

9  Long term Badminton Goals?


Represent Wales at Commonwealth Games

10 How does it feel to be part of the HPC/Talent group


Being able to train with the top players and coaches in Wales, including Commonwealth Games Medalist and Olympian is a great benefit