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Jamie van H


Jamie van Hooijdonk









1  Name, DOB, where do you live?

Jamie Van Hooijdonk, 27.08.1991, Swansea.

2  Discipline – partners?

Men’s Singles

3  How did you get started in Badminton?

I played a load of sports when I was younger, some competitively and some just for fun, but badminton was the one I got to love the most! Plus it was much more fun as this was something we could do as a family because of my Dads experience in the sport already.
4  Interesting fact about yourself that not many people would know?

I was Welsh Judo Champion aged 8, before I went into badminton
5  2-3 of your best achievements to date?

European Junior Championship (Milan 09) Silver Medalist

Winner Northumberland U19 Championships 2009


6  Goals for this season-2010?

Making the transition from Junior to Senior badminton

Qualifying through to main draw of European Senior International/ Challenge events

7  Sporting heroes?

Michael Schumacher, Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods.

8  Coaches you have worked with?-(HPC you attend)

Dad, Irwansyah, Eddie O Neil, Joris  van Soerland (Holland), Peter Mouritsen (Denmark), Alan McIlvain(Scotland , Jacub Hoy (Denmark), Chris Rees, Zhou Jun Ling, Tomasz Mendrek (Czech Republic), An Soenens (Belgium)

HPC – South Wales        Joe and James

9  Long term Badminton Goals?

Represent Britain men singles at Olympic Games (2016-2020)

Medal for Wales in men singles at Commonwealth Games (2014- 2018)

10 How does it feel to be part of the HPC/Talent group? 

To represent your country in Sport is probably one of the best feelings you could ever experience and being part of the HPC and Talent system is just one of the awesome opportunities you get for playing with WALES on the back of your shirt!!!