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"It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness" - Seneca  

When Badminton became an Olympic sport, the first GB Olympic Director, Lars Sologub, introduced the idea that if GB was to be competitive at World level, it quickly needed to embrace the concept of real " High Performance" . This led to the setting up of High Performance Centres in all of the home countries where the best players could congregate and train together on a daily basis. In Wales the first centre was at the Welsh Institute of Sport (now the Sport Wales National Centre - SWNC), Cardiff, under the direction of the then National Coach, Chris Rees and after him, Zhou Junling. Rapid expansion took place and soon centres were established in West Wales at Llanelli and in North Wales at Deganwy. 

In addition feeder development groups were also set up at SWNC and Wrexham. At this moment in time the National HPC remains at SWNC under the direction of Eddie O'Neill, where daily training is available to all HPC players. In addition, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are organised.


In the North Andy Stewart runs a once weekly HPC session whilst in the South West, Joe Morgan and James Phillips also, once per week, offer HP training in Llanelli. Development groups are organised by Martyn Lewis in SWNC ( Wednesday evening)  and by Neil Cottrill in Wrexham ( Tuesday evening).


The HPC concept has undoubtedly increased the quality of training and the standard of play in GB and continues to provide both young and established players with opportunities to be competitive on the world stage.  

Badminton Wales also provides a competitive structure from grass roots to elite level. Through the many local events staged by the county associations, the JSS, Junior Opens, regional and nationals events, players have the opportunity to compete at the correct level. It is from these competitive events that players are selected for the many Centres of Development and Excellence run by the county associations and are then progressed through to the High Performance Development Groups and thereafter to the High Performance Centres and National High Performance Centre in Cardiff. These centres are run by the  High Performance Coaching Team on a weekly basis.

Centres of Development and Excellence

High Performance Centres

HPC (South East) SWNC

HPC (South West) Llanelli

HPC (North East)

High Performance Development Groups

HP DG (South East) SWNC

HP DG (South West) Llanelli

HP DG (North East) Wrexham