The Badminton Wales Development Team consists of a Development Officer plus a team of Badminton Development Co-ordinators (BDCs). Their remit is to work closely with their designated Local Authorities providing a strategic programme aimed at increasing the quantity and quality of players through a strong workforce of Coaches, Badminton Leaders, Teachers and Volunteers together with a network of Clubs and appropriate Competition.

Within our 4 yr Development Plan we aim to provide support for:

Developing Schools

Badminton Wales’ “6 Step Primary School Programme” comprises Bisi Teacher Training Course, Taster Days, Mentoring Support, Bisi (Badminton in Schools Initiative) Resources and Lesson Plans, Bisi Festival and exit route Club(s).

Badminton Wales links fully with the Secondary School  5x60 initiative, ensuring Badminton is promoted at breakfast, lunchtime and after-school clubs (both drop-in and coached). We provide sports specific leadership opportunities for older pupils via the Badminton Leaders Award and a competitive element with 5x60 Tournaments.

Developing Clubs

Badminton Wales is fully committed to developing existing Clubs and creating, where required, new Clubs. We can provide continued support via the BDC, with advice on funding, Coach Education and local school links.

Developing People

Badminton Wales offers a series of Training Courses catering for all ages and abilities ensuring opportunities for greater numbers of skilled volunteers, coaches, officials and participants.

Badminton Leader’s Award

Coaching Badminton Workshop

Bisi Teacher Training

UKCC Level 1 & 2