Badminton England Events


Badminton England hold Junior circuit tournaments for U17, U15, U13 and U11 age groups. Within the U17, 15 and 13 age groups the tournaments are rated Gold, Silver and Bronze (Gold tournaments being the highest standard). For players in the Under 11 age group, BE offer the Under 11 circuit.

In each age group (except U11 who are not graded) players can earn a grading varying from 1, 2 or 3, based on their past results. These player gradings are relative to the tournament ratings:

  • Gold - Grade 1 (anyone eligible)
  • Silver - Grade 2 (Grade 1 not eligible)
  • Bronze - Grade 3 & Ungraded (Grade 1 & 2 not eligible)

All tournaments are open to anybody, provided their grading is not above that allowed for that tournament (i.e. no Grade 1 players in Silver tournaments).  However there are suggested guidelines for which tournaments players should enter, for more details please refer to specific entry forms.

Badminton Wales run 2 events for Badminton England, an Under 17 Gold event and an Under 15 & Under 17 Silver event. Further details regarding these events can be found on the drop down menu.

Please visit the Badminton England website for further details.

Previous Badminton England Results


2011 U17 BE Gold Results - Cwmbran

2010 U17 BE Gold Results - Cwmbran

2009 U17 BE Gold Results - Cwmbran

2008 U17 BE Gold Results - Cwmbran


2012 U17 BE Silver Results - Wrexham

2011 U17 BE Silver Results - Wrexham

2011 U17 BE Silver Results - Wrexham

2010 U15 BE Silver Results - Wrexham