About Us

President of Badminton Wales

Mr. Rod Chambers

Board of Directors

The Welsh Badminton Union was incorporated as a Limited Company on the 8th December 2003. The Union elected a Board of Directors who are responsible for the running of the company. Each Director is appointed for a maximum period of 3 years

Board of Directors 


Badminton Wales Staff

Events and Technical Advisory Group

This group works closely with the Badminton Wales Events Officer to ensure that all Badminton Wales events are being monitored and reviewed so that the quality can be increased over time.

The group also has a remit for provision and training of umpires and lines people throughout Wales and for encouraging and supporting officials to aspire to climbing the officials ladder within Badminton Europe and BWF.

The group consists of

James Phillips (Chair)

Margaret Redfern 

Stephen Temple

Jane Liddle

Lindsay Richards