'6 + six' Badminton Courses


During 2013 and 2014 Badminton Wales delivered beginner and improver courses in Cardiff. These proved to be popular and as a result we have developed these into a series of courses suited to those who want to learn the basics of the game, but also to progress and perhaps join a club and be competitive.

We have developed a product which we call “6 + six“.

This consists of three courses, one of which lasts for 6 hours and two which run for 6 weeks:

Getting Started - 6 hour course

This 6 hour course introduces learners to the game, the dimensions of the court, basic grips and a snapshot of the most frequently used shots as well as movement techniques.


At the end of the course, learners should be able to know how to prepare to play, how to cool down after play,  what lines apply to singles and doubles, the correct basic grips to use, the strokes which are regarded as basic in both singles and doubles, and some basic movement techniques. Learners will also have some instruction on feeding methods should they wish to practise what they have learned with a partner

Getting Better - 6 week course

This 6 week course expands on the programme delivered in getting started with new strokes, but also allows more time to revisit the techniques already learned.


Learners will learn new strokes, gain a better understanding of hitting techniques and be able to apply them to the strokes learned with some consistency and to a degree where tactical game play can be enjoyed.

Getting Good - 6 week course

This 6 week course will be of interest to those who have embedded what they have learned from “getting better“ or existing players who want to learn a little more about the modern day game and its strokes and tactical applications.


Learners will practise more advanced strokes and develop them on court whilst also acquiring a greater understanding of tactical applications in singles and doubles.  

What next?

Badminton Wales has already organised a number of Courses, but better still why not arrange a course for your club or playing group!

All courses are limited to a maximum of 12 candidates and are delivered by an accredited UKCC Level 2 Coach.

If you would like attend any of these courses please complete the Application Form and send it together with a cheque for £40 made payable to ‘Badminton Wales’ to Rob Short at:

Badminton Wales
Sport Wales National Centre
Sophia Gardens
CF11 9SW